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Limited Scope Representation


Last year in Indiana, nearly two-thirds of all civil litigants represented themselves in the court system. Limited scope representation can help these people get legal assistance without having to pay for a lawyer to represent them through the entire case. 


  • Do you just need some guidance preparing for traffic court or small claims court?

  • Do you just need a motion, petition, or letter drafted?

  • Do you need assistance or preparation involving negotiations or a settlement conference?

  • Do you need a contract reviewed or drafted?

  • Do you need legal research performed and analyzed?


Limited scope representation, also known as 'unbundled legal services' is an efficient way for clients with limited resources or for clients who want to handle a case on their own, to obtain the services of an attorney. This arrangement allows the client to contract a lawyer to assist with only certain parts of a case. This could include legal research, preparation of a motion, petition, or letter, appearance at a hearing, as well as many other legal tasks. 


At Spear Legal Services we offer limited scope representation. First we speak with the client to determine how we can most effectively help with the case. Next we prepare a representation agreement and carefully review it with the client so that everyone understands what specific duties are being performed, what the cost is, and when the agreement will be fulfilled. Clients are always advised and afforded the opportunity to have another lawyer review the agreement. And finally, we get to work, representing your best interests and providing quality legal services at an affordable rate.


If feel this type of legal services agreement would be beneficial to you, please contact us today to see how we can help!

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